Uorfi Javed’s Dessert Addiction

Uorfi Javed, known for her love of fashion and styling, recently revealed another addiction during an episode of Tere Gully Mein. While exploring the street markets of Vile Parle in Mumbai, she confessed to being a dessert addict. One particular stop at Gaurav Sweets And Namkeen proved to be a jackpot for her sweet tooth.

As she gazed at the assortment of delectable desserts, Uorfi couldn’t contain her excitement. In fact, she was so enthusiastic that she even ordered desserts for everyone. Among the options, the Motichoor Laddu and Ras Malai caught her attention the most. She thoroughly enjoyed these desserts, especially the Ras Malai with its creamy rabdi.

Uorfi even shared her unique way of enjoying the rabdi. She suggested topping a meetha bun with thick rabdi and dipping it in a cup of chai. Though Arohi, the show’s anchor, was initially hesitant about this combination, Uorfi insisted that it was a fantastic snack that everyone should try.

This addiction to sweets is not surprising, considering Uorfi’s childhood home in Lucknow, where her family would order three to four kilograms of sweets every day. Her love for desserts runs deep, and she proudly embraces her sweet tooth.

If you want to witness Uorfi’s dessert adventure and learn more about her addictive sweet cravings, be sure to watch the full video on our YouTube channel. And if you’re looking for more exciting food and travel updates, download the Curly Tales App for a delightful experience in your city.

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Q: What addiction did Uorfi Javed reveal during an episode of Tere Gully Mein?
A: Uorfi Javed revealed her addiction to desserts.

Q: Where did Uorfi indulge in her sweet tooth cravings?
A: Uorfi visited the street markets of Vile Parle in Mumbai.

Q: Which sweet desserts caught Uorfi’s attention the most?
A: The Motichoor Laddu and Ras Malai caught Uorfi’s attention the most.

Q: How did Uorfi enjoy the Rabdi dessert?
A: Uorfi suggested topping a meetha bun with thick rabdi and dipping it in a cup of chai.

Q: Where can we watch the full video of Uorfi’s dessert adventure?
A: The full video can be watched on the YouTube channel mentioned.


Uorfi Javed – en person känd för sin kärlek till mode och stylning.

Tere Gully Mein – en TV-serie som utforskar olika stadsdelar i Indien.

Vile Parle – en stadsdel i Mumbai, Indien.

Gaurav Sweets And Namkeen – en butik i Vile Parle som säljer olika sorters sötsaker och snacks.

Motichoor Laddu – en traditionell indisk sötsak som består av små kikärtsgryn som har friterats och formats till små bollar, doppade i sockerlag.

Ras Malai – en indisk mjölkdessert som består av mjölkklumpar som är kokade i sötad mjölk och ofta serveras kall.

Rabdi – en krämig mjölkdessert från Indien.

Chai – det indiska ordet för te.

Curly Tales App – en mobilapplikation som ger mat- och reseuppdateringar.

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